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    Executing strategy in an everchanging world

    Business is a never-ending game, in which rules and contestants are constantly changing. The issue of strategic agility has gained a lot of attention in recent strategic management debate; how do you drive towards the set direction while staying flexible for changes?

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    Lift-off for a new strategy

    After several years of steady growth in the aviation industry, the company wanted to secure its long-term position as a leading player. However, the competition was tightening and the relative calm of the past years could be followed by a precipitous decline. Steps would need to be taken to protect the company’s future.

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    Our Team

    Get to know us

    August consultants are all graduates from leading universities with degrees in fields such as industrial engineering, physics, finance and economics.

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    Our services

    Custom fitted counsel

    We serve our clients in a broad range of topics covering Strategy, Transactions, Operations, Commercial excellence, Organization & Leadership, Digital, Corporate transformations and Advanced analytics

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