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Winning Through Better Organizational Performance

One of management’s key tasks is to keep improving the performance of their organization. This is particularly important, as markets expect continuous improvement in profitability and growth, but delivering such results is difficult in today’s stagnant economy. No wonder so many Finnish companies have told us that building a high-performing organization is at the top of their list of strategic priorities. But how should you go about it?

The question is obviously extremely complex, so we have searched for the answers in a disciplined way, based on solid methodology with our feet on the ground. Developing organizational performance has been one of August’s key areas of expertise since its founding. We have helped a variety of companies to design and implement processes and tools to manage their business better. To enhance our capacities in this area, we recently initiated a research partnership with a leading strategy expert, Aalto University professor Timo Vuori.

In our recent white paper on the topic, we dive deeper into the challenge and present our Organizational Performance Diagnostics as one very potential approach. Read the full article below and feel free to reach out to discuss more!


Pasi Torppa

By: Pasi Torppa