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    The leading local strategy consulting firm in Finland

About us



True change happens through structured merging of individual impacts. With objectives often based on near-term performance, it is easy to lose focus on long-term personal, mutual and corporate value.

August Associates produce insightful, relevant and custom fitted counsel that balances immediate success with sustained growth, on both a corporate and individual level.

We provide results through cultivating company strategy and transformation, as well as leadership and culture evolution from a broad based perspective.

A blueprint to brave the future.


  • Founded in 2001 by partners with extensive consulting background
  • Established position as the leading local strategy consultancy in Finland
  • Team comprises approximately 25 professionals, both experienced seniors with extensive background in consulting and young talent from top universities with outstanding academic record
  • Client base consists of large Finnish companies and major Nordic private equity investors and their portfolio companies
  • Leverages global expert pools, leading business intelligence services providers, fit-for-purpose technologies and tools


Our three core values capture what is truly distinct for August. They articulate the essence of our being and their roots can be traced back to the same principles on which August was founded. Our core values capture not only what we already are, but also represent our future aspirations in terms of the principles we want to adhere to.


“…not doing the same things over and over again, and expecting a different result”

We believe that great results cannot be achieved without a little creativeness. At August it means that we genuinely strive to find new angles and solutions in every undertaking. We are passionate about creating something new, not just executing one project after the other. Tailoring solutions based on customer’s needs is a self-evident starting point for us.


“…as if it was my own company”

You have to own a business to call yourself an entrepreneur, but you can show a great deal of entrepreneurship without owning one. Entrepreneurship at August means passion to deliver superior results to clients, passion to build our company, and an opportunity to enjoy the economies of smallness.


“…in sickness and in health”

Our individual perspectives are too narrow to grasp everything that is worth grasping. As a community, our perspective is wider and we are able to grasp far more and accomplish far greater things than any one of us alone. Community is, above all, the platform to unleash our full potential. It is inspiring to be able to spend a work day in the companionship of great people, not just the August team, but also clients, business partners and others.