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Change requires dialogue

In cooperation with Directors’ Institute Finland (DIF), August Associates hosted a breakfast seminar on November 17, 2017 for DIF members that addressed the topic of organizational change management as part of corporate transformations. The opening words for the seminar were held by Risto Murto, CEO of Varma. August Associates’ partner Pasi Torppa presented a perspective on how to identify the true drivers of organizational behavior in transformation situations (further on the approach in this blog post), and Timo Vuori, assistant professor in strategy at Aalto University, presented his latest research on how board of directors influence on the success of strategic initiatives. Following the presentations, Heikki Kapanen, Country Manager of Nets Finland, provided a DIF member comment on the topic, before opening the floor for discussion.

Pasi Torppa comments: “My expectations for the seminar were high, and I am pleased to say they were exceeded. Improving the understanding of to how drive change in a pragmatic way and catalyze transformation are essential topics for companies. I was hoping for discussion on board’s role in catalyzing the transformation and also more strategic considerations on corporate transformations and shareholder value. It was great to get to hear the thoughts and comments of DIF members on this fascinating topic, the level of discussion was truly impressive.”

Read more about the seminar on DIF’s website (in Finnish): http://dif.fi/ajankohtaista/muutos-edellyttaa-dialogia/