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Don’t Compromise on Compromise

Years of consulting on strategy and organization have taught me the value of balancing between different factors and interests to achieve progress. There is always a degree of compromise in the air, from first planning exercises to final implementation. In my personal experience, it is always more or less a bitter, if sometimes unavoidable pill. Converting aspirational into reasonable.

Diving into Finnish football as a member of FA council I discovered even higher levels of tolerance. Decades of accumulating good faith and compassion, devotion to seeking an all side encompassing balance of interests. Real empathy for the unselfish sacrifices of individuals, excusable even in the rare extremes that have led to inflexible positions producing no evident common value. All human.

The final outcome: compromise feeding on compromise.

After a long, taxing and successful organisation design process the implementation stage cannot be subjected to compromise. Quite the contrary, it should be a critical part of planting the seed of a new reconciled, open and broadminded culture. With aim tirelessly fixed on the collectively set goal.


Kai Koskinen

By: Kai Koskinen