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Get Your Facts to Pitch Finland Right!

August Associates, in cooperation with Amcham Finland, has put together a Finland Fact Pack setting out the rationale for foreign businesses to invest in Finland and its people. Aimed at country managers and others dealing with investments, it showcases Finland’s stable and growing economy, and its tech-savvy, reasonably priced, highly educated and skilled workforce.

Like other Fact Packs produced by August Associates, putting the Finland Fact Pack together involved breaking complex problems down into manageable chunks before embarking on fact-finding interviews and other data collection strategies. The result is a one-stop shop containing all the information a company might need to provide the grounds for potential business here.

As the name suggests, the Finland Fact Pack contains hard facts and figures, such as taxes, labor costs, industry break-down, and so on. However, it also communicates something rather less tangible but no less important — the high level of trust that permeates throughout both the public and private sector in Finland. As Le Thuy, Analyst at August and creator of the Fact Pack, says, “If you say something will happen, [in Finland] it does.”

Read more about the creation of the Fact Pack from Tomi Ere´s and Le Thuy´s blog post:

Download your own copy of the Fact Pack by clicking the picture below or this link.