Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics

The increasingly digital and connected world around us is generating data at an unprecedented pace. To turn the expanding data streams into a competitive advantage, companies must develop intelligent analytics solutions that create customer value and improve business performance. August Associates work with their clients to solve complex business problems, derive value from data, and ramp up analytics capabilities by combining deep strategy and functional expertise with cutting-edge analytics and economics capabilities. 

Examples of our services

  • Harnessing Bayesian game theory to dynamically optimize contract pricing
  • Using machine learning algorithms to develop resourcing
  • Combining predictive analytics and process understanding to improve shelf availability
  • Applying evolutionary algorithms to optimize inventories and delivery routings
  • Utilizing semiparametric statistics to uncover customer profitability drivers and detect underperforming accounts and products


August Associates produce insightful, relevant and custom fitted counsel that balances immediate success with sustained growth, on both a corporate and individual level.