• Juulia Jäppinen

Juulia Jäppinen


Juulia Jäppinen

Juulia initially joined August as an intern in the spring of 2017 and rejoined as an analyst in March 2019 after her graduation. She holds a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Aalto University with a major in Operations and Service Management. During her studies, Juulia also gained versatile work experience ranging from inventory management and energy industry to conducting a master’s thesis related to healthcare management. In addition, she also studied a semester abroad in Queensland University of Technology and was a part of the winning team in a pan-European Industrial Engineering and Management case study competition in 2018.

As balance to work, Juulia enjoys sporty activities. Especially, whenever time allows, she is hitting a shuttlecock in her badminton club’s practices. She can also be spotted in the golf courses and skiing tracks around Helsinki region. Juulia also likes traveling and watching sports – a trip to see the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and to watch a skiing competition in Holmenkollen are on her bucket list. In addition to sports, Juulia loves spending time with friends and gets easily caught up in conversations.


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