• Olli Lehtonen

    “Clients should not be thrilled by the brilliance of the consultant, they should be thrilled by the brilliance of the results I help them to achieve.”

Olli Lehtonen


Olli Lehtonen

Olli has been in management consulting since 2006. He started his career in an international management consulting firm and joined August in 2009. Currently Olli is helping his clients and leading project teams with various topics ranging from strategy work to functional development in sourcing and pricing. Olli holds a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Helsinki University of Technology (currently Aalto University). Before starting his career in consulting, Olli worked as a researcher in the university’s research center.

Outside work, Olli enjoys family life with his small kids and recharges his energy with triathlon training. Olli’s favorite scenery is the Finnish archipelago where you can spot him on the waves using either sails, an outboard engine or freestyle hand stroke.


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