• Pasi Torppa

    “Innovations are needed to reform consulting. We continue to build a company that radically differentiates from competitors, and is the first choice for Finnish companies.”

Pasi Torppa

Executive Advisor

Pasi Torppa

Pasi is one of the founders of August. After finishing his master’s degree at Helsinki School of Economics (now Aalto University) Pasi wrote business books and articles focusing on value based management and also worked for two other consultancies. He felt that the consulting he had seen didn’t meet the clients’ needs, and thus decided to establish August together with Kai Koskinen.

Long career in management consulting has given Pasi broad experience from different industries and engagements. His experience spans from growth strategies to organization design and from cost cutting to pricing strategies.

Pasi lives in the city center of Helsinki with his family. He enjoys a lively and urban lifestyle: walking to the office, dining out and meeting friends. Pasi’s favorite ways of spending free time are various kinds of sports and traveling.


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