• Tuomo Tanila

Tuomo Tanila


Tuomo Tanila

Tuomo first joined August as an intern in the fall 2018 and rejoined the company as an analyst in September 2019 soon after receiving his master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Aalto University with a major in Strategy and Venturing. During his studies, Tuomo worked extensively as a teaching assistant for both Aalto University and University of Helsinki along with acting as the Head of Assistants for the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management at Aalto for two years. Additionally, he has experience in strategy development in a construction company and conducting research in the field of digital healthcare.

Outside the office, Tuomo is a massive music enthusiast who enjoys spending too much time in numerous musical activities such as playing various instruments, composing music, or attending concerts with his friends. To balance his musical leisure time, Tuomo likes to hit the gym on a regular basis or go for a run.


Phone: +358 44 363 7205

E-mail: firstname.lastname@august.fi